Rainbow Roots

LGBTQIA+ Peer Support Group

Welcome to the Animal-Assisted Outdoor LGBTQIA+ Peer Support Group at Take A Paws CA—a haven crafted for embracing, understanding, and empowerment. Guided by an experienced MSW-level professional who shares a personal journey through the LGBTQIA+ experience, alongside compassionate student intern discussion leaders and therapy animals, our group is designed to create a transformative space addressing the unique aspects of individuals navigating their LGBTQIA+ identity. Rooted in trauma-informed and strengths based practices, every discussion and step we take are geared towards acknowledging and celebrating the diverse experiences within this community.

Group Benefits:

Community Connection: Break free from isolation and stigma by joining a community of individuals who celebrate your LGBTQIA+ journey. Here, your story is heard, understood, and your feelings are validated.

Affordable Support: Recognizing that overcoming financial barriers is often a hurdle to seeking help, our sessions cost just $30 per session for 12 weeks, ensuring accessible support for all. Your well-being shouldn't be constrained by financial constraints.

Empowerment: Craft your unique solutions and embrace personal growth within a supportive environment guided by trauma-informed and strengths-based practices. Whether you're navigating self-discovery, coming out, or addressing mental health concerns, our group is here to empower you every step of the way.

Shared Understanding: Engage in discussions about news, laws, and emotions tied to common LGBTQIA+ experiences, gaining insights that extend beyond personal growth. Together, we explore the broader implications of our shared experiences, addressing aspects like self-discovery, building affirming relationships, and fostering self-love.

Role Models and Friends: Forge connections with peers who understand you profoundly, creating a network of mentors, friends, and allies. Share and receive guidance on embracing your authentic self, navigating relationships, and fostering self-love.

Professional Guidance: Our MSW-level professional, who has navigated the LGBTQIA+ journey, guides you with expertise and a personal touch. Whether you're seeking advice on mental health, coping with family dynamics, or finding supportive resources, we are here to guide you with empathy and understanding.

Animal-Assisted Comfort: Trained therapy animals are present in every session, offering comfort and breaking barriers, adding a layer of warmth and connection. These furry companions are here to support you on your path to embracing your true self.

Ecotherapy Solutions and Mindfulness: At Take A Paws CA, we believe in the healing power of nature. Our group incorporates ecotherapy solutions, leveraging the therapeutic benefits of nature to aid in your healing process. Engage with others who understand the unique aspects of LGBTQIA+ identity, fostering a sense of belonging and support. All our sessions will be held in private spaces in the great outdoors!

Group Information and How to Sign Up: To embark on this transformative journey of connection, empowerment, and healing, join our LGBTQIA+ Peer Support Group. Secure your spot by filling out our Google Interest Form and become part of a community that cherishes your unique journey. Payments can be made in full for all 12 weeks or on a weekly basis before each session.

$30/per session, 12 week duration, limited to 12 participants ages 18-30yrs. 

Comes out to an affordable total of just $360 for 12 sessions.

For inquiries or additional information, reach out to us. We're excited to welcome you into a nurturing space where embracing your authentic self, trauma-informed practices, ecotherapy solutions, therapy animals, and mindfulness converge to guide your path to healing and growth.