Future of 

Take A Paws

Take A Paws hopes to become the most reputable therapy animal training and certification organization in California through rigorous standards for therapy pet teams. We hope to provide large and small scale rewarding learning experiences and event opportunities to our full membership therapy pet teams, such as our regular visits to California State University, Chico and more. We also hope to provide opportunity for growth for those interested in learning more about animal-assisted ecotherapy.

In the future, we would like our services to expand to wraparound therapeutic services on-site at a therapeutic ranch for children, adults, and those with disabilities to holistically heal through nature and animal connections as well as provide traditional psychotherapy. We would love to include practices such as talk therapy, CBT, DBT, play therapy, ecotherapy, eco-art, narrative therapy, forest therapy, music therapy, and of course animal-assisted therapy with cats, dogs, equine, and petting zoo animals on site. We intend to use methods and practices such as trauma-informed care, solutions based, strengths focused, culturally competent care ractices. We would love to offer day camps, summer camps, and outpatient services in a more inclusive and fun environment by combining traditional therapeutics with complementary or alternative therapetics. This would allow for a more inclusive therapeutic environment that caters to those who would benefit from all different types of therapy.

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If you share this vision or are interested in supporting this endeavor, you can donate to us through the options below. We thank you for your contribution towards making this possible.

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