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What Is A Facility Animal?

At our organization, we ensure that all our therapy animal teams undergo rigorous training, evaluation, and certification before embarking on their visits. However, it's important to note that some of the animals we bring are beloved pets from our local communities, while others are cared for by our organization or dedicated director.  If you have a special event or desire one-on-one animal-assisted life coaching sessions with a trained social worker, you can specifically request one of our facility animals listed below.

In general, A facility therapy animal is owned by the organization itself, residing on-site at businesses, schools, mental health agencies, therapy offices, medical facilities, or other locations where therapy animals are needed. They are handled by  trained staff members who work closely with them. A facility therapy animal is owned and employed by a facility or organization rather than an individual. These remarkable dogs are trained to provide assistance, support, and therapeutic benefits in a professional setting. The facility covers the costs of their care, and grants may be available to assist with expenses. These animals play a vital role in promoting emotional well-being, reducing stress, and creating a supportive environment for the individuals they interact with, making them invaluable team members of the organization. 

For instance, schools often receive grants to support their mental wellness programs on campus. To utilize these funds effectively, they may choose to invest in a specialized bred and trained animal that lives on-site, cared for by specific teachers, administrators, or school counselors. These facility therapy animals become valuable resources in various scenarios, including one-on-one sessions, reading groups, and even emergency situations, providing comfort and support to the students within the school. By incorporating these animals into their programs, schools can enhance the well-being of their students and create a nurturing environment for their overall development. 

Learn More About Obtaining A Facility Therapy Animal

Embark on a transformative journey at your organization, school, library, or medical facility by welcoming a remarkable facility therapy animal into your midst. Say goodbye to ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, as we go beyond conventional therapeutic practices. Our exceptional animals, bred from select, distinguished lineage of working dogs, possess innate therapeutic qualities. But that's just the beginning! We conduct rigorous aptitude tests as the animal grows, to ensure they have what the job takes, providing you with the crème de la crème of therapy animals. They are then trained, certified, and officially registered, ensuring unparalleled excellence.

But we don't stop there. We believe in empowering you and your team to make a lasting impact. Our comprehensive package includes specialized training for up to 10 staff members, a comprehensive care manual, all starter supplies necessary for your facility therapy animal, and lifelong support to address any questions, concerns or additional training needs that may arise.

For a more budget-friendly option, we offer the opportunity to achieve similar outcomes by working with animals that are not specifically bred for the job but undergo intensive training. While they may not possess the inherent qualities of purpose-bred facility therapy animals, these animals are carefully selected based on their temperament, trainability, desire for the job, and compatibility for the role. Through rigorous and extensive training programs, these animals are equipped with the necessary skills to fulfill their therapeutic responsibilities day in and out. They undergo comprehensive obedience training, socialization, and specialized instruction similar to our specifically bred animals, to ensure they can effectively engage with individuals and provide the desired support and comfort. Although these animals may not have the same genetic background as purpose-bred facility animals, they make up for it with their dedication and extensive training. Their ability to connect with people, offer emotional support, and create positive interactions is a testament to their commitment and the effort invested in their training.

Unleash the power of the human-animal connection and create an environment where healing, learning, and growth flourish. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and discover the boundless possibilities that await. 

Imagine the impact a therapy animal can have on your organization, school, library, or medical facility. These incredible companions create a positive and uplifting environment, promoting well-being, comfort, and growth. Don't miss the opportunity to welcome one of these transformative beings into your midst. Contact us and unlock the incredible benefits they can bring to your space.

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