Mama Kitty

About Mama:

Mama was found pregnant sitting out on our founders porch in the rain. Flyers and social media posts were made and nobody claimed her. She was taken in and not only raised her kittens, but took in 5 other litters of abandoned kittens over the years, earning her title as mama kitty. Shes the best mama we have ever seen and has learned so much patience. Due to her time begging for food on the streets, she is heavily socialized and loves interactions with just about anyone.

Nicknames: muh-muhz, mama mia (here we go again), mrs. mumz, mumzy

Birthdate: Unknown age, found her furever home in February 2018

Born: Riverside county, CA

Favorite toy: her cat tree

Favorite treat: catnip

Loves being snuggled 

Loves forehead kisses

loves to groom humans like they are her babies too

Loves her babies at home, salem and ash