Membership Types

Helping Hands Internship

HH internship is offered to those who wish to help out at events and learn a hands-on skill, but do not have an eligible therapy animal. We offer internships in animal handling, animal training, photography/videography for events, event management, business and marketing, and mental health studies like social work, psychology, and sociology. Ages 12-99+ welcome and we can authorize school community service hours for middle school and high school students. This is open to ANYONE, you do not need to be a student.



The helping hands membership requires three steps in order to complete the process.


Step 1: Complete and submit the Helping Hands Internship Application.


Step 2: Read and agree to TAP’s Policy and Procedures.


Step 3: Read and complete the Waiver form and photo release and submit with application.




Holding full Membership with Take A Paws (TAP) means you and your pet have met all the screening, testing and evaluation standards to be certified as a Therapy Pet Team and you are ready to visit with the public and make hearts happy! To achieve this, this process evaluates the skills of the pet and handler, including responsible pet ownership, pet handling, pet temperament, good manners and control, and mindfulness of animal behavior and stress. This will test not only your dogs skills and abilities, but also your knowledge of your animal and TAP protocol and procedures. This program will provide you with both small and large scale rewarding opportunities that are regularly held for you, all you have to do is complete the 6 steps toward full membership and let us know which events you would like to attend. We take all the hassle out of organizing visits with your therapy trained pets and allow you to just show up when you desire to do so.




The full member application process is completed in 6 steps.


Step 1: Read the membership requirements and manual of protocol and procedures


(You and your pet must be able to perform the skills outlined in the membership requirements. These are the skills that may be used during your Take A Paws (TAP) evaluation 


Step 2: Complete and submit your full member TAP application and documents and application fee of $25

Successful applicants will be asked to complete a background check and TAP evaluation. Instructions will be provided to those who pass the initial application screening in Step 2.

Step 3: Obtain Insurance (most people already have this in their homeowners or rental insurance coverage)


Step 4: Complete TAP Evaluation.

Step 5: Complete the background check

Step 6: Pay membership fee and join us at events!


The TAP policy and procedures and waiver will be included with your Step 1 information and should be submitted in step 2. When you have successfully completed the full member application process, look for your Welcome Package to arrive in 7-21 days.