Our Books

In 2018, we published our mandala coloring book on amazon marketplace!

Mandala designs have been known to alleviate stress and anxiety for centuries. Dogs are also known to lower blood pressure and anxiety. Mixing the two together, you have Venice's Mandala Coloring Book, Instagram Dogs Edition.

We have also published an ecotherapy affirmations book and ecotherapy weekly challenges book available for purchase on Amazon.

We are also excited to share that our founder has been dedicated to publishing children's books. With two separate series in progress, one in final editing and the other being illustrated, we are eager to bring engaging and meaningful stories to young readers. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming children's book releases! 

Below is a message from our founder about her new books:

"I am delighted to share that I have been working on two exciting children's book series. The first series focuses on emotional support animals, therapy animals, and service animals, showcasing the joy they bring in various shapes and sizes. Each type of working animal is explored through three heartwarming stories. For instance, emotional support animals are depicted in, "Mia and her Mouse" featuring a little girl finding comfort and confidence in her pet mouse, "Billy and his Betta Fish" following a boy embracing his unique style with the help of his colorful betta fish, and "Jay and their Chameleon" which tells the tale of a neurodivergent child learning the value of being true to themselves.

The second Series is a delightful, rhyming collection recommended for children aged 5-9 years old. It focuses on the connection between emotions and colors, teaching children how to navigate overwhelming feelings using Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic techniques. Each book in the series follows a relatable character, such as explorer Ned turning red with frustration, or Racer Raheem turning green with envy. These engaging stories empower children to accept and manage their emotions while offering valuable lessons.

Both series include interactive activities and promote inclusivity with gender-neutral characters and diverse family structures. I am thrilled to announce that the first series will be released in Summer 2024, while the second series is set to launch in Fall 2024. Stay tuned for these captivating and educational books, and thank you for your interest in them!"

-Miranda Spence, Director of Take A Paws CA, MSW Candidate