Paws-to-Palms Playtime 

Wellness Class

Our group recreational classes and wellness services are designed for children, teens, adults, and elders to engage in fun activities with dogs that promote the health and wellbeing of both humans and animals in nature. They are open to anyone to take (inclusive to both individuals with and without disabilities). These classes are ideal for individuals who love animals, or who want to gain more experience with animals in a friendly and supportive environment, or do not have a pet at home but would like regular interactions with them. The classes are led by a social worker and dog trainer and will incorporate both educational and interactive experiences with dogs who are specially trained for animal assisted interventions. Recreational classes do not provide direct therapy, but participants can develop valuable skills while engaging in positive human-animal interactions. Not to mention the serotonin and mood increase this class provides to clients!

Paws to Palms is held Wednesday from 5-6pm, must register in advance

Group Class Information

Class size: between 3 to 15 participants, ages 6+

Time: meets for 1 hour, once a week in Fall and Spring
Pre-register for $10 per event at least 24 hours in advance.

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Private Weekly Wellness Sessions

Open to any age 3-100! 

For people who love dogs but are not able to have one at this time

For people who are inexperienced around dogs but interested in getting one

Sessions start at $50/week

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