A Northern California based 

Animal-Assisted Ecological 

Social Work Organization

Take A Paws CA LLC (TAP) is committed to providing an enriching therapeutic experience that fosters excellence in ecotherapy, animal education and training. We believe in healing by nurturing our roots through animals and nature. TAP brings trained, certified and insured therapy animals for use in social or therapeutic interactions where emotional, psychological or physical support is needed. We offer animal-assisted activities, animal-assisted therapeutic groups, and animal-assisted education in our events. With a focus on complementary ecological therapeutics and animal-assisted interventions, TAP has developed a variety of community and children's classes we are currently bringing to life. Additionally, we offer training and certification of therapy animal teams. We serve communities from Redding, CA to Sacramento, CA with our main events taking place in various community organizations in Chico, CA on a weekly basis. 

Check out some photos of our events below